With 10+ years of experience, through innovative and collaborative design, I have created identities, images, and digital products for clients such as Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Warner Bros., Harry Potter, L'Oréal Paris, LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), Skype, and others. 

“With his ability to think (creatively) on this feet, Justin has phenomenal design skills and quick turnaround for getting things done in a tight timeframe.”


Brand Positioning
Customize messaging and sharpen the focus of a core product or service.

Concept Development
Explore broad and newly defined ideas as they relate to your brand.

Market Research
Gain valuable insight by investigating primary aspects of the consumer environment.

Process Analysis
Identify fundamental components and how they interface with current trends.

Social Media
Join the conversation, strengthen relationships, and receive real-time analytics.

“Justin is very passionate and is a perfectionist. His work is truly polished, and he always has a positive attitude.”


Art Direction
Define the look and feel—through functional concepts and design.

Copy Writing
Resonate with your readers, deliver content that speaks for itself.

Establish the outward expression—including the name, mark, and style. 

Bespoke photographic and illustrative assets, on or off location.

User Experience
Build a digital product that people enjoy returning to.

“World class designer, and wicked smart creative. I love a chance to work with him. He pushes me.”


Where repetitive testing, UI, UX, and device specific functionality converge.

Graphic Design
Combine image, type, and technology to communicate new ideas.

Focus on brand aesthetics and add conceptual value far beyond simple expression.

Build well-defined systems to respond to a user's experience.

Improve the performance of simple tasks with good type.

“One of Justin’s biggest strengths is idea generation which he incorporates into his design; he is a great “out of the box” thinker and does a great job bringing a fresh perspective to many of his projects.”

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"Everyone has really been on the ball, and I have to tell you how much I appreciate it. Thanks so much to you and the team for everything."

"People have said great things to us about your work, and your style. We’re glad to have you working with us."

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