Se!ze the Hump Day

Set sail for Hump Day Island. Every Wednesday for 14 weeks, Camel offered a chance to win over $1 million in prizes through an arrangement of unexpected challenges. 
 Graphic design, Illustration, Imaging, User experience



Home Grown Harvest

Mellow Mushroom was born out of the free-wheelin' hippy culture of the 1970s, now they're a franchise with over 120 locations nationwide. In a harvest season themed sweepstakes, they served up fresh prizes and a tasty new menu.

Art direction, Concept design, Illustration, Imaging



Doctor Lead, Patient Focused

With Optim, the healthcare process is driven by doctors and built around an outstanding collaboration of the best physicians in the region. Optim’s medical centers provide a wealth of resources with an expanding network of expertly staffed locations.

  Art direction, Concept design, Identity, Imaging



Lapostolle's Uncork the Passion

In 140 characters or less, Uncork the Passion challenged oenophiles everywhere to express their passion for wine. The top Twitterista won a 2-week apprenticeship at the Lapostolle winery in Chile. Community votes and celebrity judges helped decide the winning entry.  

Graphic design, Illustration, Typography, User experience



The Harry Potter Wizarding Community

Harry Potter legacy and e-commerce site celebrating the seven fantasy novels and eight films written by the British author J. K. Rowling. Features include an online community, news, shop, and other magical mischief.

Art direction, Graphic design, Illustration, Interaction design



Boldly Go Everywhere with Snus

Snus got its start as a luxury tobacco enjoyed by Europe’s aristocrats in the 1700s. It’s refreshingly simple: A great-tasting premium tobacco you can slide into your mouth. No spitting, no mess and virtually no restrictions. A modern twist on the traditional, courtesy of Camel.

Graphic design, Illustration, Interaction design, Typography



The David Carson Project

David Carson is an American graphic designer best known for his innovative magazine design and use of experimental typography. The website promotes a documentary exploring the life of Carson, as well as his influence on design—both past and present.

Art direction, Concept design, Identity, Typography



A Summer of Discovery

Founded in 1843, Lindeman's holds the distinction of being the oldest continually run winery in Australia. In a series of seasonal efforts, Lindeman's launched a travel-oriented campaign to give away five featured summer vacations.

Graphic design, Illustration, Interaction design, Typography



Direct to Desktop with dCast

dCast is a rich media application that provides organizations the ability to broadcast engaging content directly to a user's desktop. dCast offers fans and brand loyalists a one-click solution to exclusive messaging within a branded media player.

Art direction, Concept design, Identity, Illustration



Raise Your Glass

Penfolds, one of Australia's oldest and most iconic wineries, partnered with (RED) to contribute a portion of profits to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. To date, $160 million has been generated and 5 million people have been helped through Global Fund-financed grants that (RED) supports.

Art direction, Concept design, Graphic design, Illustration